This sculpture garden stands on the south side of highway 70 on the east side of Glenwood in front of Baker's Fabrication and Welding shop. It's the work of John Baker, who set up shop here in March of 2005.

The pieces range in size from about ten inches to about ten feet. The little pig in front of the pterodactyl is John's earliest piece, made while he was still in welding school.

John is a member of the Three Rivers Craft Guild. He says he approached the art associations in the Hot Springs area, but they weren't all that receptive. They were more interested in painting and woodworking and such, their sensibilities not attuned to the jagged industrial idiom. I suspect the scale and mass of John's work was unsuited to the commercial needs of Central Avenue art galleries.

He says he's got another piece or two, smaller ones, at Suzy's Cafe in town.

His shop deals in general fabrication, anything from farm buildings to fences to fuel cells for race cars.

They don't have fancy names or anything. Nothing like "Medetations on a Reflection" or "Reflections on a Meditation." The razorback is called "Razorback." The flamingo is called "Flamingo."

RTJ -- 02/08/2006

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