Every once in a great Harold Barclay's Cyclist and Pup Dog Sculpturewhile something really extraordinary just appears unexpectedly at the side of the road and this is one of those things. This one-legged roadside cyclist and steel plate pup dog are the work of Harold Barclay, whom I met while looking for Bug Scuffle. I like this piece because the cyclist looks to be made of the same materials and shapes as the cycle. It's put together such that there's some intentional confusion as to where the cycle ends and the cyclist begins.

If you want a real treat, though, drive up to his house, knock on his door and let him guide you through the hundreds of pieces of primitive artwork in his yard. He's got stump carvings, wind-driven whirlygig things, bird houses made from boots and license plates, chickens made from old garden tools, and on and on and on. He's hard to find, but the informal gallery is worth the drive; and I just bet that if you were to slip old Harold a couple of yankee dollars you could drive away with a little of his art and the gratitude of his wife.

Here's how you get to Harold's place: Take highway 71 to West Fork. Take highway 156 west out of West Fork. Turn south on 265 at Hogeye. This sculpture is along that route somewhere, I think on 265, but I'm not exactly sure. If you reach Bug Scuffle Community Church, you've gone too far.


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