Forrest CityI spoke with the artist when I took this picture, and I apologize for forgetting his name. This metalwork piece has stood in front of Pete's Muffler Shop along highway 1 in Forrest City for five years. I guess it's just a matter of convenience, readily available materials and tools, but there are lots of muffler-and-tailpipe sculptures outside muffler shops. This is one of those.

RussellvilleAt right is another one. This one's on highway 7 in Russellville. I got a tip that I'd find the one at the lower left on MacArthur Drive in North Little Rock, and there he stood on the roof of a welding shop.

Here's one by a muffler shop on the north side of highway 110 near Wilburn. The artist says he has to put Wilburntogether a new display from time to time, but once his efforts develop a patina of rust the local kids stop vandalizing and stealing them. The wheeled object in this picture is a cannon. I asked the artist why the wheels were wrapped with Christmas lights. He said that the sculpture was illuminated for the winter holidays, but the cheap strings of lights quit working a couple of days after he put them on. Therefore he just decided to leave them in place.

Marvin the Muffler Man, OzarkM/T sculpture on the pig trail (that's the local nickname for highway 23), Marvin the Muffler Man according to his creators. Find Marvin North of Ozark

North Little RockOh, by the way, "Resistance is futile."

Jonesboro The A+ example is from highway 49 on the south side of Jonesboro. The one with the welding mask on the far left has been moved from MacArthur Blvd to Parkway in North Little Rock.

RogersCastors Mufflers in downtown Rogers. A muffler and tailpipe horse and rider.

MagnoliaHere's one that looks like it's advertising Hampton's Phone Service in Magnolia. I assume the sculpture to be the work of somebody in the auto repair shop next door. Find it at the corner of Proctor and Smith.







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