Finton Shaw and 'Cosmic Love'Pictured at left is Finton Shaw, and to his left is his handiwork in bronze, "Cosmic Love." Ms. Love is a little taller than a Just-My-Size Barbie and has an orgasmic grimace on her face. If this photograph were close enough to make out more detail, you'd see why. And as you can see from the footing, she was specially designed to ornament the peak of a pyramid. On the property next to his shop, Mr. Shaw built a foundation originally intended as a home for Mr. and Mrs. Shaw; but a divorce precipitated a change in plans, and making lemonade from lemons, Shaw concieved of building a series of pyramids over the foundation as a place to display his artwork. As soon as the pyramids are built, Ms. Love will be placed on top.

More ArtHis welding shop and outdoor gallery can be found along the north side of highway 64 west of Conway, house number 5080. Not all of the work on display is his own. He's also got pieces on loan from Jean Hatfield.

In the foreground of the picture at right is an alien probe which has just retrieved a golf ball from the moon. As for the two pieces in the background, your guess is as good as mine. If you want to see more, here's a link to his website.

More Art at Shaw's Metal Shop


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