Except for the dorsal and pectoral fins, this larger-than-life bottlenosed dolphin is a single solid piece of pine. Standing over ten feet tall and weighing whatever a ten-foot pine tree trunk weighs, he is the property of Malvernite Paul Crowder, who told me that his wife, whom he referred to as Chainsaw Annie, was the artist.

Mr. Crowder says he and his wife and their chainsaws completed the dolphin sculpture in two weeks of otherwise idle time. He credits the Mrs. as the artistic talent of the family and says that she intends to create more works as time, materials and fuel allow. I assume future pieces, and possibly even this one, will be for sale.

In a separate interview, Mrs. Crowder told me that Mr. Crowder bought the dolphin from a party near Houston. The Chainsaw Annie thing is just a story he likes to tell people. As is often the case, the truth is left in doubt; but I can confirm that as of this writing there is a big, solid wood dolphin at this heavy equipment rental place.

Find this "dolphin of uncertain origin" on highway 270 north of Malvern just a mile north of interstate 30.


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