Ira Broadway and his wife have had a flea market here for over five years, but it was known simply as "Flea Market." In Arkansas that gives your business little distinction, since the words "flea" and "market" appear together on our roadsides almost as often as the words "speed" and "limit." Long about 1994, they decided to have some business cards printed. The printer asked them the name of their business. "We can't just call ourselves 'Flea Market,' can we?"

"Hey, why don't you call your place 'Jurassic Flea Market,'" said the printer, "And put up some dinosaurs. You know how the kids go nuts for dinosaurs."

So that's the story. Ira built this sculpture out of steel screen and cement. The first week it went up, vandals shot it full of holes. Ira repaired the holes, and now that the local yahoos have grown accustomed to its presence, there has been no more trouble. Compare this story with the story of the Ravenden sculpture that stands just a couple of miles east. It also had vandalism problems.

He intended to build more, but failing health has thus far prevented him from adding sculptures. Find Jurassic Flea Market on highway 63 east of Hardy, a place called Ozark Acres, about a mile north of Williford.


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