The army surplus store burned to the ground, but the roadside sculpture of the big red rocket remains. Highway 35, Benton.

RCA doesn't make these childproof dogs anymore. Zellner's in Russellville has two.

A guy named Joe rescued this Frostop Root Beer mug from a junkyard in Rose City. Now it spins on its axis on JFK Boulevard in North Little Rock.

Happy grinning brontosaur (last year's model). War Memorial Park, Little Rock.

Saddled Circus Lion, War Memorial Park, Little Rock.

Gaunt and boxy impressionistic plastic cow outside the Spookhouse ride, Burns Park, North Little Rock.

A flock of gaunt and boxy impressionistic fiberglass sheep wander among the rails of the kiddie train at Burns Park, North Little Rock. Apparently the same artist created the cow above.

This rocket, a stack of 55 gallon steel drums topped with a cone and a rotating light, stands in front of S.P.A.C.E. on highway 62 in Berryville. The letters stencilled on the side stand for Sharp Printing And Computer Enterprises.

Another rocket made from 55-gallon drums, this one on MacArthur Drive in North Little Rock, occasionally launches shells from its nose during New Years and Independence Day seasons to advertise Johnson's Fireworks company.

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