The following is a list of material that has either been deleted from the regular website or was written and never uploaded. This stuff now resides only on my zip disk; but if for some reason, some special interest on your part, you want to see some of the culled material I'll find time to e-mail it to you.

Some of the items listed here were excluded to save space. Some was deleted because I decided upon reflection that it wasn't really all that interesting or that it felt like padding or that I hadn't written it all that well after all. Please don't request this material frivolously. I assure you that my website is comprised of my best fifteen megs.

Booger Hollow Trading Post. Classic roadside attraction currently fallow.

Armadillo and Chigger Sculpture were no longer there last time I drove by Jasper.

Ray Winder Field: No Longer Home of the Arkansas Travelers. The Travs have moved across the river to a brand new facility, Dickey-Stephens Field in North Little Rock.

Holistic Hollow: Roadside sculpture. In March of 2007 I noticed it was no longer there, so I took it off the main links page.

Solid Pine Dolphin: Chainsaw carvings of dolphins, orcas, fish, bears and so on used to be located in Malvern at I-30. When I noticed the sculpture collection was gone, I removed the story.

Chicken Capital Gifts: A gift shop in northwest Arkansas, the heart of America's poultry industry, specializes in chicken-related gifts. Their website is gone and their phone number disappeared from the phone book, so I put the story in limbo.

Goodson's Strawberry Field: A victim of progress. Little Rock grew westward. Property values rose and as they did so did taxes. Goodson's could no longer produce enough strawberries to offset the rise in expenses, so Goodson sold to property developers and is buying another field I've heard east of Conway somewhere.

Extra Prarie Grove Civil War Reenactment Photos: The Prarie Grove page used to be ten pages. I pared that to a single page at 300k. Eleven photos were deleted.

Jimmy Lile's Handmade Knives -- This was the knife shop in Russellville that made the combat knives for the first two Rambo movies. Jimmy's widow kept the shop going for a few years after his death, but the shop closed and the story was removed.

Wings / Queen Anne Mansion -- A Dickens Christmas With Parrots, an attraction made of two Queen Anne style show houses filled with exotic birds and decorated year round for Christmas. The birds and Xmas theme went in 2003, leaving only the show homes which serve as hotels and event venues for weddings. Still nice, but not enough to keep it on the website.

Who Dat's Waiter Gator in Bald Knob was a six-foot upright alligator characature posed as a restaurant waiter carrying a tray full of beer. Medium was muffler pipe and chickenwire covered with cloth soaked in exterior house paint. Artist was New Jersey born Jeri McDaniel. Location was Who Dat's Louisianna Restaurant in Bald Knob. I drove past in August of 2001 and the sculpture was no longer there.

Jurassic Flea Market Dinosaur. Artist, Ira Broadway. Location, highway 62 near Ozark Acres. Size, about twelve-feet tall upright T-rex. Medium, cement on construction wire. Disappeared in 2000.

Wee Are Knyghtes Why Saye YEEEEEEEEHAW!: Mock medieval warriors from The Society for Creative Anachronism drill and spar at War Memorial Park in Little Rock on weekends.

Solar Cooking: I spent two bucks and twenty minutes building a solar cooker out of scraps, used it to cook some food and wrote an essay about the experience. Photos, plans, recipes and links.

The King is Dead (Long Live the King): My visit to Elvis' gravesite and a superficial comparison of Graceland to ancient Egyptian and Cherokee burial traditions (Elvis' matrilineal grandmother was a Cherokee). I removed this story because Memphis isn't in Arkansas.

What Is This Thing Called, Love?: In an effort to encourage e-mail, I posted pictures of unusual antique tools and appliances (an automatic hog greaser, for instance) found in obscure museums and invited readers to guess what they were. I won't be doing that again.

Big Blue Man: Rare 20-foot-tall fiberglass Texaco "Serviceman" stood for years along hwy 64 in Clarksville. I removed the story because the owner sold the statue and it was removed.

Carpet Viking: Another 20-foot-tall advertising sculpture, this one a viking originally built as an advertising icon for a carpet company, once stood in front of War Memorial Park's amusement midway. The midway closed recently and the sculpture was sold.

Patent Model Collection: Formerly in Fort Smith, state representative Carolyn Pollan sold her collection when she put the historic property housing it up for sale. If you want to see the collection, you'll have to go to the University of Syracuse.

Arkies at War: T. J. Johnson of Cabot: Some of my dad's old photos and stories from his time with the 10th Fighter Squadron in WWII. I took this off the site because it was over half a megabyte of space.

Golf Museum: No longer at Wiederkehr village. Apparently not enough traffic to support it.

Shoe Tree: Odd attraction. A tree on the side of the road near Beaver into which locals would fling their shoes. Over the years it filled with hundreds of pairs of shoes. In the spring of 2000 it was blown down in a thunderstorm and I removed the story from my website.

Miscellaneous Roadside Art: Nine photos of roadside art from around the state. This was a page of roadside sculptures that were a notch less ambitious than the Carpet Viking and Big Blue Man and Ravenden Raven and Roadside Dinosaurs. Lots of rockets made from 55-gal drums. Stuff like that. Over time so many of them disappeared that I removed the page altogether.

White River Scenic Railway: Closed as of 1 Dec 2000 due to overly expensive insurance required on the popular Flippin-to-Calico Rock line. The company still operates a scenic railroad in Hot Springs, though. The White River train could resume operations some day. The shutdown could just be a seasonally convenient ruse to try to negotiate a better springtime deal during leafdown.

Formerly World's Largest Sundial The property was sold and something is being built there. It looks like an expansion of Riverfront Park.

Horseshoe Mountain Bison Ranch Bison ranch outside Greenbrier had educational aspects appropriate for school groups. I passed by that way in May of 2006 and it closed and the herd gone.


Many many months ago, I started using miscellaneous old snapshots for the opening graphic on my home page. I don't keep them on my server because they take up a lot of space. Here's a list of them, if anybody would like to request one.

  1. The original banner to the old Arkansas Traveler's Roadside Distractions website, before the name change. It's a montage of thumbnails of subjects, many of which have disappeared from the Arkansas Roadsides.
  2. Canoeing the Buffalo River at Kyle's Landing.
  3. Effigies of Bill and Hillary Clinton dressed in folksy garb and seated on a porch at Pickles Gap.
  4. Picture of the highway sign that points to Possum Trot.
  5. Roadside view of Alco, between Marshall and Mountain View.
  6. Ruins of servants' quarters at Monte Ne on Beaver Lake.
  7. Stocking trout at Boswell Shoals on the White River.
  8. Douglas MacArthur birthplace in Little Rock. Also known as the Old Armory, it's the new Arkansas Military Museum.
  9. Geometric rock formations on Lee Creek Trail in Devils Den State Park.
  10. Propane Tank painted like a white tiger in Mountainburg.
  11. Rainbow at Paris Lake
  12. Fort Smith National Historic Site
  13. Boatload of White Bass
  14. Goobertown Grocery and Pawn Shop
  15. Crater of Diamonds State Park
  16. Little Maumelle River
  17. Des Arc Bridge and Christmas Display
  18. American Indians at Pinnacle Mountain Rendezvous
  19. Birth Bed of Reverend Al Green -- Forrest City
  20. Rainbow Bridge -- Cotter
  21. Oxen at Pinnacle Mountain Rendezvous
  22. Hope Melon Festival, Wheelbarrow Piled High With Rinds
  23. Booger Hollow Fire Hydrant
  24. Catfish Pay Lake, Leola
  25. Possum Grape One Stop
  26. Oaklawn Race Track, Opening Day of 100th Anniversary Season
  27. Also Oaklawn Race Track, Opening Day of 100th Anniversary Season
  28. Toltec Mounds State Park
  29. Smitty's, El Paso
  30. Queen Anne Mansion, Eureka Springs
  31. Mellon's Country Store, Mountain View
  32. Snake Doctor, Litttle Post Bayou
  33. Sunrise Over Highway 70
  34. Duck Sculpture at Mack's Prairie Wings
  35. Elkhorn Tavern, Pea Ridge National Military Park
  36. Elk Browsing Near Boxley
  37. Super Retriever Contest, Stuttgart
  38. Hawks Bill Crag
  39. AGFC Travelling Gamefish Aquarium
  40. One Horse Fire Department
  41. Thunderstorm on the Arkansas River
  42. Wolf House
  43. Gospel Festival, Helena
  44. Blues Festival, Helena
  45. Blues Festival, Helena
  46. Jacksonville Military Museum
  47. Beer Can Silo
  48. Beaver Dam
  49. World Championship Duck Calling Contest, Stuttgart
  50. Near Boone County
  51. Super Retriever, Stuttgart
  52. Current cover photo

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