Dear Editor:

We like to think we're rational, systematic and organized, but...

Benton is not in Benton County. It's in Saline County. Saline is not in Saline County. It's in Cleveland County. Cleveland is not in Cleveland County. It's in Conway County. Conway is not in Conway County. It's in Faulkner County. Hot Springs is not in Hot Springs County. It's in Garland County. Garland is not in Garland County. It's in Miller County, while Miller's Chapel is in Ashley County and Millerville is in Grant County. Yellville is not in Yell County. It's in Marion County. Clarksville is not in Clark County. It's in Johnson County, and Clark's Corner is in St. Francis County. Carroll's Corner is not in Carroll County. It's in Mississippi County. Johnson is not in Johnson County. It's in Washington County. Washington is not in Washington County. It's in Hempstead County. Booneville is not in Boone County. It's in Logan County. Fulton is not in Fulton County. It's in Hempstead County. Madison is not in Madison County. It's in St. Francis County. St. Francis is not in St. Francis County. It's in Clay County. Clay is not in Clay County. It's in White County. White is not in White County. It's in Ashley County. Searcy is not in Searcy County. It's in White County. Lawrenceville is not in Lawrence County. It's in Monroe County. Monroe IS in Monroe County, but... Yellville is not in Yell County. It's in Marion County. Marion is not in Marion County. It's in Crittenden County. Van Buren is not in Van Buren County. It's in Crawford County. Crawfordsville is not in Crawford County. It's in Crittenden County. Franklin is not in Franklin County. It's in Izard County. Lonoke IS in Lonoke County! What gives? Perrytown is not in Perry County, but Perryville is. Arkansas City is not in Arkansas County. It's in Desha County. Desha is not in Desha County. It's in Independence County. Lincoln is not in Lincoln County. It's in Washington County. Dallas is not in Dallas County. It's in Polk County. Pike City is in Pike County! Howard is not in Howard County. It's in Polk County. Little River is not in Little River County. It's in Mississippi County. Neither Lake Ouachita nor the town of Ouachita are in Ouacita County. There are two Calhouns and one Calhoun Junction, and none of them are in Calhoun County. Bradley is not in Bradley County. It's in Lafayette County. Chicot and Chicot Junction are BOTH in Chicot County. How did that happen? There are SEVEN towns named Cross Roads, NONE of which are in Cross County. There is a Prarie Grove, a Prarie Creek, a Prarie Center, a Prarie View and a Prarie Union. None of them are in Prarie County. There are two Scotland's, one Scott, and a Scottsville, none of which are in Scott County. There are two towns named Union Hill, one Union City, one Unionville, and one Uniontown, not in Union County of course, that would be silly, but in Independence, Scott, Johnson, Cleveland and Crawford Counties, respectively.

How did this happen? Who is responsible for this?

Usually it's our community leaders who are responsible for naming things like towns and counties. And they're supposed to be the best and brightest of us. Doesn't this little tirade bring their judgement into question? I mean, if the smartest of us can't match the names of our cities with the names of our counties, what does that say about us in general? Is our civilization as confused as this makes us look? I can imagine space aliens coming down and looking at this kind of thing and saying, "Take us to your... ah, what's the point?"


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