You've really got to be desperate for things to commemorate when you build a monument to engine trouble.

This obelisk, which stands alongside highway 159 by the shores of Lake Chicot (pronounce that CHEEK-oh), marks the site of an event of immeasurable historical importance. Here's the story, paraphrased from the accompanying historical marker: In April of 1923, a not-yet-famous mail pilot named Charles Lindbergh develops engine trouble and makes an emergency landing on a golf course by the lakeside resort of Lake Village. That gray thing in the background on the left side of the photo is the foundation of the old clubhouse.

He stayed the night. During the evening he took his host, one Mr. Henry, flying over the town and over the Mississippi River. This was Lindbergh's first after-dark flight.

In 1934, the Chicot Delphian Society placed this monument here. I suppose that says something about the extent of Lindbergh's fame after his transatlantic flight--that no incident involving Lindbergh was so insignificant that it didn't warrant a stone marker.


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