Doug and his giant MelonThis is Doug and that is his melon, which was designed by Doug's brother Ronnie and was built by family members and employees of Ronnie's Produce Market along highway 367 in Bald Knob. The work is 25 feet long. The medium is lacquered cloth over steel reinforcing screen supported by a frame of rebar.

The melon was constructed as an entry in Bald Knob's annual parade. Doug said that people in other towns had offered to rent the melon for their own parades and for produce stand promotions, but that all such offers were declined because towing the melon at highway speeds might damage the fragile skin.

I also suggested that the Atkins people might want to borrow the float for the annual Picklest, which is traditionally if coincidentally held on the hottest day of August. Doug shrugged and repeated that they didn't want to let the melon get too far from home. They'd put a lot of work into the melon's construction and didn't want to take a chance on messing up an attention-getting roadside advert for their produce market.


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