State of Arkansas State Parks and Tourism official website. Heres the link to their Calendar of Events.

State of Arkansas History Commission official website.

State of Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

A listing of Arkansas Golf Courses by city and phone number.

Central Arkansas Library System

Arkansas State Library

Satellite Image of Arkansas, from Johns Hopkins Laboratory of Applied Physics. Also from the same source, Shadow Relief Map of Arkansas

Roadside Project, kindrid spirits on a parallel quest.

Arkansas Photographs by Steve Twaddle.

Arkansongs chronicles Arkansas' musical heritage.

Roadside Art: This bunch of links by William Swislow, as well as his home page, are worth a look. Each of these links leads to somebody who is passionate about the road and the sights alongside.

As long as you're exploring the quirky attractions of Arkansas, you might as well take a peek at Louisiana.

New York Times search engine collection

Toaster Museum : No kidding.

Dinosaur Information, well-organized, thorough, easy to use, quick loading, without a lot of superfluous graphics.

Rock Art in Arkansas, photos of pictograms and petroglyphs. Website maintained by the Arkansas Achaeological Survey.

ARKANSAS TIES, a website cataloging cemeteries and tombstones in Arkansas. If you want a picture of some relative's gravestone in some obscure and hard-to-find country church cemetery, this is the place to look. Commercial site:

Arkansas Travelogue home page