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The following is a list of museums within forty miles of Mountain Home. I advise calling for hours, since some of the museums are open seasonally and/or have limited hours. Also, museums open and close. Just because you see it listed here doesn't mean it's still in business.


Buffalo National River/Tyler Bend Visitor Center, St. Joe, highway 65, 870-439-2502. Cultural and natural history of Ozarks and the Buffalo River. Have not visited.

Jimmy Driftwood Barn and Folk Museum, Mountain View, highway 5 north of town, 269-8042. Have not visited.

Gassville Hospital Museum, Main Street, Gassville, museum of Baxter County Historical Society, open weekends 1:00 - 4:00 pm, 870-435-6988, 870-425-4502. Have not visited.

Marine Corps Legacy Museum, on the town square across from the county courthouse in Harrison. . Here's a link to their website. History of the development of the U.S. Marine corps from 10 November 1775 to the present. Exhibits highlight development of uniforms, equipment and mission. The curatorial staff is a father and son team, both career marines with a combined fifty years in the corps. Five dollars admission includes a half-hour guided tour. My tour lasted over an hour. I asked a lot of extranneous history questions and they did pretty well on the quiz. Cool trivia? Why do marine officer swords have arab style grips and guards while marine enlisted swords have european cavalry style grips and guards? Amazing stories? Ask about the Union Army marines that surfed to safety down the White River through Confederate held territory. Excellent, well-organized, professional collection and presentation. Would you expect less from Marines? Hours Tues-Sat 10-5 or by appointment, 870-743-1680. Last visited 6/29/02.

Melbourne Historical Museum, highway 69, Melbourne, sharing a building with the library. Library hours 9:30--4:30 M-F, 9:00--12:00 Sat. There's not really a lot here beyond local interest. There are some poll tax reciepts that I found kind of interesting. Other than that you'll find the usual farm implements and medical instruments with not much specifically labelled or explained. Last visited 8/2002.

Mountain Home Auto Museum, Mountain Home, 801 S. Main, 870-404-2930. A consignment and display warehouse for classic car enthusiasts. Open to the public 9:00am-4:00pm Saturdays. Three dollars admission. Last visited 8/20/99.

Mountain Village, 1890, Bull Shoals, 870-445-7177. A collection of about a dozen authentically furnished historic buildings and assorted artifacts (iron jail cell, narrow guage locomotive, animal-powered merry-go-round, and more) gathered from all over Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri. Also in the same attraction is Bull Shoals Cavern. Guided tour for the cavern costs nine bucks. Self-guided tour/entry fee for village is nine bucks. Discount for taking in both attractions. Last visited 7/25/01.

Museum of Merritt, Tiny Town Tours, 2113 highway 62B, Mountain Home. Dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures--roomful after roomful after roomful. The personal collection of Ms. Merritt. Some pretty clever stuff, particularly the miniature bake shop goods and farmers' market, in which wares are made mainly from modified buttons, compact cases and aspirin tins. Also scratchboard and watercolor art. Last visited 9/24/99.

Museum of the Ozarks, Valley Springs, Highway 168, 429-5855. Have not been.

Old Mill, Mountain View, Main Street. 870-***-****. Have not visited.

Ozark Heritage Arts Center and Museum, Leslie, 870-447-2500. Three-in-one facility. Museum, art gallery and performing arts center. Museum is pretty typical pioneer stuff, primarily of interest to locals. Art museum focuses on Ozark painters and sculptors. Exhibits change monthly. Theatre hosts community productions and concerts. 300+ seat house would be the envy of many professional regional theatre companies in much larger cities. Last visited 9/99.

Rush Historic District, take highway 14 south from Yellville, turn east at the brown sign that says "Rush Buffalo River Access." It's on federal land in the Buffalo National River reserve. Ghost town comprised of several buildings that once made up one of the many Ozark communities that mined plentiful zinc deposits from the 1880's to the 1920's. Wooden structures are roped off, but stone and cement structures can be examined closely. There are trails to various points of interest and explanatory plaques posted. Last visited 4/22/98.

Searcy County Museum, Marshall, Center Street, 448-5786. Last tried to visit 11/24/97. A sign out front said "Open Mon. Wed. Fri." but it was closed.

Stone County Museum, off Highway 9, Mountain View, 870-***-****. The old school building has been converted into a museum full of artifacts primarily of local interest. Most of these museums have one or two peculiar and interesting artifacts. This one has a jar which was filled with white cherries in 1870 and sealed with wax by a young bride who hoped to share them with her husband on their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Well, the husband didn't quite go the distance, and in 1940 their daughter ate the cherries. Last visited 4/22/98.

Wolf House, highway 5, Norfork, you can see it from the hwy 5 bridge. This is one of Arkansas' many 19th century log-house museums. The staff is more knowledgeable than most and the artifacts are better organized and appear in a more realistic context than you might see elsewhere. Been there.

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