Here's the picture from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's website of the world record hybrid striped bass. You can read the whole story here.

Now here's the picture of the world record german brown trout taken from the same website. You can read the whole story here.

That's Rip Collins with the brownie and Jerry Shaum with the hybrid. They look like they could be brothers, don't they? Either that or it's one guy catching all the world record fish in the state. I'll get to work on a good conspiracy theory built around that. Tabloid headline. Something about clones. Stay tuned.

Now here's a picture I took of myself at the AGFC nature center next to the mount from the hybrid story. If I'm going to go after any world records, I'm going to have to get the proper hat and glasses and grow a moustache. I'm not as dour in real life as I look in this picture. That's just my built-in clint-squint.


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