Roger with practical cross"I was in my cell in McAlister State Penitentiary in Oklahoma when God said to me, 'Roger...,' and these are his exact words...."

So here's Roger some years hence on the shoulder of highway 64 in Clarksville making his way from South Carolina to Los Angeles. The cross he shoulders has a practical as well as a symbolic use, as you can see. The bottom is wheeled and Roger's earthly goods are slung in panniers across the base.

This isn't his first walk of this kind. He's made several crossings of Oklahoma in preparation for this nationwide attempt. In addition to bearing this cross, Roger told me that God also instructed him to build sixty disaster shelters throughout the U.S.

Roger said God speaks to everybody, but most people just aren't tuned in. They don't listen. I asked him how he knew it was God telling him to do all this stuff. He said that it was a matter of experience. One learns the sound of His voice. I asked him how many people he met every day. He said it varied. Some days upwards of twenty people will stop and talk to him.


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