In the early 1990's, the land containing Blue Spring was made the centerpiece of a private botannical garden called Eureka Springs Gardens. I suppose a determined person could get himself a drink from Blue Spring and nobody would raise much of a fuss, but the practice is quietly discouraged. The gardens are predictably beautiful, and there's a picturesque trout pond into which you can fling pelletized trout chow purchased from gumball machines found under a green-and-white gazebo.

In 1908, this concrete cap was poured around the spring opening forming a pool, the surface of which is twenty-five feet above the opening. The spring is recharged by local rainfall, so while the water is most often an iridescent blue like the water in the log flume at six flags, the color changes seasonally. Blue Spring flows only a fewscore yards before emptying into the headwaters of Table Rock Lake.


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