This well-marked springhouse lies a dozen or so miles east of Mena on highway 8. If your map is detailed enough, you can find a reference point called "Abernathy Springs." If this isn't it, it's awfully close by. The water has an evident, though not unpleasant, mineral content. This spring gets a "B" rating.

Also of interest, a few miles further east just a few dozen yards off highway 8 is a historical marker. It was about here that the Tula tribe of the Caddo indians attacked the DeSoto expedition and drove DeSoto back down the river system into present-day Louisiana, where residents of present-day Louisianna believe he died. Recent scholarship suggests he might have died in southern Arkansas and is buried in Lake Chicot rather than in Lake Providence. The controversey rages on.


update: RTJ--11/20/97

UPDATE 5/24/08 -- The last time I drove past this spring, it had been closed off and the water was being harvested commercially.

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