Crystal SpringNot much to say here. This spring isn't named on any of my maps, but there's a town nearby named Crystal Springs, and I'm told by old timers that this is the namesake spring. It's just tasty water that bubbles up out of this hillside and runs through about seventy-five feet of pipe to this fountain next to this forest service road. I've given this water an "A" rating, but bear in mind that this spring is at the midway point of a hiking trail. Under those conditions any water tastes pretty good. Directions follow.

One way to get here is by foot trail either south from Crystal Spring campground on Lake Ouachita or north from Charlton campground on highway 270 12 miles west of Hot Springs. The hike is about two miles from either point. In the center of the picture about a third of the way down from the top you can see one of the white blazes that marks the trail.

You can also reach this spring by road. Head east from Crystal Springs campground on county road 124. That's easy enough to find, since it's the only road into or out of the campground. Turn right on the first forest service road after leaving the campground. You should come to this springbox before the road forks.

Be sure to treat the water before drinking, you hothouse flower.


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