On the south side of the town of Evening Shade, on the east side of highway 167, you'll find this dark gray springhouse with a white roof. Don't get confused looking for this one, though. There are three, count 'em, three towns in Arkansas named Evening Shade. There is an Evening Shade in Hempstead County, one in Scott County, and this one in Sharp County.

Judging by the sign on the springhouse, the town built the springhouse to provide safe springwater for the residents, but anybody is welcome to try it. The water runs out of a grating at the bottom of a set of cement steps, and flow is pretty healthy, so don't be shy about filling up a trunkful of jugs. I give the water a "B."

In case you're wondering, this is the Evening Shade which was the setting for the television show starring Marilu Henner and Burt Reynolds. The show wasn't filmed here, of course, but some pictures of various spots around town were used to establish locations in the show.


In the neighborhood: Hog of Stone

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