EUREKA SPRINGS (Magnetic Spring) -- "B"

Magnetic SpringLocal legend holds that water from this spring has the power to magnetize metal. I haven't been able to get it to work yet, though. I've been just letting a nail sit in a cup of water. Am I doing something wrong? Does the water need to be moving? Does it only work at the spring itself? Should I suspend the nail from a forked stick or divining rod? Should I use a glass instead of a ceramic cup? Could I be more sarcastic? The water I got from it looked milky and full of gas, but cleared after a couple of minutes. Tasted OK.

To find Magnetic Spring, take Magnetic Road off highway 23 in Eureka Springs or pick up Magnetic Road at the opposite end, midway down Great Passion Play Road. Take notice of the signs posted by local authorities. A guy at Devil's Den State Park told me that some formerly pristine Ozark springs are turning up with harmful levels of minerals which leach out of chicken manure and into the soil.


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