Berryville Ice Cream FestivalI usually don't spend time and FTP space on something that is completely lame, but I'm making an exception for the 2002 Berryville Ice Cream Festival. An Ice Cream Festival is a pretty attractive draw for a town, but your kids are going to feel cheated when you spend your Saturday driving all the way to Berryville and discover the embarassing truth.

There was only one ice cream booth in the whole festival. That was the Chamber of Commerce booth, and they sold store bought.

The wife and kids are going to give you hell for wasting their weekend. The drive home is going to seem a lot longer than the drive up.

Everything else was same old crafts, same old food, same old same old. I hear it used to be a good party and they actually made ice cream at the Ice Cream Festival. I spoke with a guy who was running an ice cream making booth at the Elk Festival in Jasper and he told me he had been specifically uninvited to the Berryville festival.


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