Yet More Evidence of an Advanced Ancient Civilization

It took some asking around among the locals, but I finally got an answer as to what this thing is.

This steel-reinforced concrete structure is all that remains of Sutherland Poultry Processing Company, which once stood on the site of the post office in Concord. A water tank sat on top and a pipe ran through a hole in the middle of the upper platform.

The couple at the general store told me that Sutherland operations moved to nearby Batesville in the sixties and changed its name to ConAgra, thus founding the giant multinational agricultural concern. I checked this with ConAgra, and their literature says the company has its roots in Nebraska.

That would have been a nice story, though. The only thing I can say for sure is that this is the supporting structure for an old water tank at a chicken processing plant. That, and it gets one's attention from the road.

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