by John Baker of Glenwood

Little Shamrock Dragon MotelHere we are in Murfreesboro, 919 N. Washington Avenue at the Little Shamrock Motel. Here's a link to the hotel's website.

The sculpture is by John Baker of Glenwood. You can see more of his work by clicking this link. The welded steel sculpture depicts a purple dragon guarding an egg in a nest of rocks.

I didn't get to talk to the owner, but I asked the lady in attendance the obvious question. What is the connection between dragons and shamrocks? A leprechaun or a rainbow footed with a pot-o-gold might be obvious. Instead, purple dragon.

The owner of the motel, says the lady, goes to Las Vegas from time to time and liked the restful effect of the fountains in front of the Las Vegas hotels like Caesar's Palace, so he decided to have one made appropriately sized for his own establishment. He personally sketched the design for the artist. As for the subject matter, he just likes dragons. Always has. In fact, he plans to add more dragon festoonery and change the name to "Little Shamrock Dragon Inn" as soon as professional signage can be arranged. He had at one time planned a sculpture garden for the property, but added units instead.

The guy knows his dragons. He's included many of the essential mythological elements -- the association with water, the wings, the horns and the guarding of a hoard, in this case an egg.

Attractions in the area include the Crater of Diamonds State Park and the Ka-do-ha Indian Village, Lake Greeson and Daisy State Park.


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