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The following is a list of museums within fifty miles of Texarkana. I advise calling for hours, since some of the museums are open seasonally and/or have limited hours. Also, museums open and close. Just because you see it listed here doesn't mean it's still in business.


Crater of Diamonds State Park, Murfreesboro, Hwy 301south of town 870-285-3113, there's a gem and geology museum at the visitors' center. Been there many times.

Depot Museum, Prescott, 300 West 1st, 887-5821. This place is organized like Fibber Magee's closet, but you can handle just about everything. Last visited 7/25/97.

Discovery Place, Texarkana, 215 Pine, 903-793-4831. Have not visited.

Ethnic Minority Memorabilia Association Museum, Old Washington State Park. Have not visited.

Hope Visitor Center and Museum, Hope, South Main and Division Streets, 870-722-2580. Yet another railroad station converted into a local museum. Half of the museum is devoted to Bill Clinton, the other half to local railroad history. Inside there's also a replica of a prizewinning 200-pound watermelon. Bill Clinton's boyhood home is nearby, at the corner of 13th and Walker. Visit in the heat of summer so you can pick up some world-famous Hope watermelons. Last visited 7/14/98.

Howard County Museum, Nashville, 845-1262. Open only 2-4 on Sundays. Last tried to visit 9/23/2001.

Hunter-Coulter House Museum, Ashdown, 870-898-7242 (or call Jonnie Estes 870-898-5246) across the street from the Little River County courthouse. Home-cooked luncheon served on Thursdays. Last tried to visit 9/18/98.

Nevada County Museum, Prescott, 400 West 1st, 870-***-****. Have not visited.

Klipsch Museum, 200 East Division Street, one-room exhibit, housed in the Cairo-Fulton Depot next to the visitor's center in Hope. If you're not an audiophile, this probably won't mean much to you, but if your spidey-sense tingles when you hear the words Klipshhorn, Belle Klipsch, Heresy, Cornwall and LaScala, then you should drop by this museum on your way through Hope. Paul Klipsch and his Hope-based company were for decades pivotal forces in audio technology. The exhibit is a reconstruction of Paul Klipsh's office with numerous news stories, patent drawings and cutaway models of loudspeakers. Phone (870) 777-3540. Last visited 9/7/2005

New Rocky Comfort Museum, Foreman, 3rd Street at Schuman, 870-542-7887. Housed in an old jail (whose first inmate was the man who built it), this museum is like most in that it mainly memorializes local events, families and characters. P.S.--Foreman is the hometown of country singer Tracy Lawrence and Broadway performer Lawrence Hamilton. Last visited 9/18/98.

Old School Museum, Winthrop, across the street from the new school. Open Mon 8-3, Wed 8-2, Sun 9-4 and by appointment. For appointment call Jo Sharp, 870-381-7574 or Kenneth Kutz, 870-381-7713 or Leeona Overturf, 870-381-7405. Last passed by there 10/27/2007.

Old Washington State Park, Hwy 4 north of Hope, 983-2684, 983-2733. The whole town is a museum and is made of museums. Locked in a blockhouse, they have a gun collection that I am told is one of the top ten private gun collections in the world. There's also a printing museum I found interesting along with the old confederate state capitol building and a reconstruction of an 1840's blacksmith shop on the site of the spot where the first bowie knife was made. Much, much more, including special events dealing with period arts and crafts. Been there, but haven't taken all the tours.

Reader Railroad, Reader, from Prescott take hwy 24 to hwy 368, 337-9591. Weekends only. Have not seen.

Sevier County Museum, Look for the signs west of the intersection of highways 71 and 41 in DeQueen, 870-642-6642. Pretty standard county museum stuff, neat and orderly. See how your parents and grandparents lived. Last visited 9/26/97.

Texarkana Historical Society and Museum, 219 State Line Avenue, 214-793-4831. They have a piano that they figure is one that Scott Joplin learned on. It was acquired from a house at 7th and Hazel. Joplin, who as a young boy lived for a time at 618 Hazel, would accompany his mom, who cleaned houses. If there was a piano in the house, and if the owner was willing, young Scott was allowed to practice on it. So, because the age of the piano is right and the location of the house from which the piano was acquired is about 150 yards from Joplin's boyhood home, bingo, Joplin's piano. Last visited 7/25/97.

Two Rivers Museum, Ashdown, 5-15 East Main Street. Mostly local interest and pioneer artifacts . Lots of photos of the town's early buildings. Last visited 10/27/2007.

Will Reed Home, Alleene, Highway234. Pick up a key at the Alleene General Store. Pioneer dog-trot cabin, household and farm implements. Check in at the general store and gas station across the street to get your guide. They won't let you go in unescorted. Also, Alleene is the birthplace of Chet Lauck of Lum and Abner. Last visited 9/18/98.

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